Are you sitting on a sofa that's

a $3,000 mistake?

Did you pick a winner or just throw thousands of dollars down the drain?


There are no "standard sizes" when it comes to decor...

because there are no "standard sized" houses.


Whether you have open-floor plan woes...

You dream of cozy ... but your house just feels cavernous.


Or small space uncertainty...

You crave a comfy sectional .. but you're afraid you'll only be able to fit a little loveseat..


Or wonky ceiling woes that defy all "standard lighting size guidelines"...

How the heck can you figure out

what will fit up THERE??

If you want to be comfortable in your Forever House...

You need decor that FUNCTIONS

in your UNIQUE home.

Afraid of making a mistake you can't afford to fix?

I was in your shoes 10 years ago.

I had a new (to me) Forever Home that was largely a blank slate.

Outside of hiring an interior designer to decorate it for me (not in my budget!), I couldn’t find any REAL direction. How in the world would I fill this empty house in a cohesive way that would stand the test of time AND feel beautiful & unique?

What did I do?

I spent years obsessing and learning everything I could about design … even BECOMING a professional interior designer and design blogger, with 60K readers/month and a bunch of published projects!

And now I'm here to help YOU!



for Space Planning SUCCESS!

23 Pages of Clearances & Measurements, Pitfalls to Avoid, & Creative Solutions to Strange Space Situations You Never KNEW You Needed!

This Design Insider's Guide

will teach you how to:

  • KNOW you have the correct clearance between your furnishings for flow & ease.
  • PROPORTION your furniture beautifully in relation to each other.
  • FEARLESSLY hang the perfect sized light fixtures at the perfect height, no matter the situation.
  • PLAN your art, so that it doesn’t look like a bunch of postage stamps on the wall.
  • NEVER buy a too-small rug again!
  • And lots more situations by room!

There's so Much MORE!

You’ll find my designer “boots-on-the-ground” insights in the pink boxes scattered throughout. These are *golden nuggets* my friends!

You'll Walk Away Able To:

  • PREVENT costly mistake purchases and wasted time, energy, & emotional bandwidth!
  • HAVE CONFIDENCE to finally begin your home’s transformation, KNOWING you'll be on the right track!

Stop Stressing. Start Planning. Get DECORATING!

People try to "play it safe" and guess what "standard size" furniture they need.

But there's a BIG PROBLEM with this strategy.

  • There are A LOT of "standard" furniture sizes. For example, "standard sofas" can be 72", 84", 96", 110" long, 36", 38", 40", 44" deep, and 30", 32", 34", 36" high. Do you know which is best for your living room?
  • No house is "standard." How many entrances do you have? What size are your windows? What is your focal point? What are your priority activities for your space? ALL of these will affect your space plan.


PLAN your Forever House furnishings!

See What People Say!

This guide saved me a YEAR of Google searching ... and I STILL wouldn't have found some of Amy's brilliant tips!

Sarah D., California

I SOOOOO needed this! This guide is a plug-and-play when moving my furniture and as I plan my upcoming renovation. A lifesaver!

Erika J., North Carolina

Get the SUCCESS you need!

If you’re tired of floundering around in decorating decision paralysis and disheartened by past design mistakes, let me help you believe in yourself again!

I’ve taken my 10 years of design experience and collected the "standard" rules of thumb AND my boots-on-the-ground tips I've learned from dozens of design dilemmas into one easy E-Book!

Make your home FUNCTION for your family ...

and buy with CONFIDENCE!

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